Welcome to Post 891

Explorers Post 891 is a Learning For Life engineering post with a strict emphasis on Computer Science. Our post is volunteer staffed by industry professionals from many different technology backgrounds. The primary goal of the post is to prime students for both industry and college life. We seek this goal through lesson based meetings, with emphasis on hands on labs.

Some quick facts:

  • We meet during the school year at Dublin Scioto High School.
  • We meet weekly on the same day to accommodate other extra curricular activities.
  • Fees vary annually, but are between $20-30 (one time annual).
  • All students start with an "Intro to UNIX" class, utilizing Linux as the teaching medium.
  • There are no technology prerequisites, or needed equipment.
  • Some past (and future?) topics: Python, shell scripting, C, Java, System Administration, Amateur Radio, PHP, Databases, Networking, General CS Theory (operating systems, optimization, best practices)
  • Class topics are student chosen (with input from advisors) and while class based, are very free form and open. Student involvement and interest are what drive the meetings.

Past Activities

Past Tests

Past tests


Interested in joining us, or finding out information for your child?
Email the advisors at: post891+owners@googlegroups.com